Most Popular Restaurant

Midland, MI

We know that folks out in Midland, MI are looking for great food. You want polite servers and on the ball kitchen staff who know their jobs in and out. You want the most popular restaurant in the area that can cater to your needs. Maybe you'd like somewhere that's a family restaurant or a place that can cater to a vegetarian diet while offering many types of meat for the rest of your group. At Aztecas Mexican Grill and Bar, we have all of this and more.

The most popular restaurant in the area may be up for debate, but Aztecas would like to think the honor goes to us. We make sure our food is hot and delicious, each and every time. We train our staff to be on top of every situation that could come up. We listen to our customers, whether they come to us with criticism or praise. With three restaurants in the area, you can see for yourself that we are a place people enjoy visiting. We plan to keep it that way through hard work and awareness of our amazing customers.

We are a true family restaurant which is evidenced in our menu. We offer an extensive children's menu for the little ones under twelve. We offer a plethora of selections on our bar menu for the adults who may want to relax after work. We offer authentic Mexican food for everyone in the family. We can handle big groups and will make sure your every need is taken care of while you're in our presence.

We want you to come on by the next time you're looking for a great plate of tacos near Midland, MI. Let us show you who we are and what we stand for. Enjoy our great drink specials or our unique entrees. Bring the kids, bring the significant other, and step through the doors. We will take it from there and make it a meal to remember.